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Accounting Introductory II

  Focus on receivables, capital assets, current and long term liabilities, corporations, partnerships, statement of cash flow and financial statement analysis. Equivalent to: ACCT10014 (Accounting 2 - Financial) or ACCT10005 (Financial Statement Concepts) or ACCTAC211 (Understanding Financial Statements). Prerequisite: ACCTCB101 (Accounting 1) or ACCTMCS01. 42 hours.

  Course Number: ACCT MCS02

  PreRequisite: ACCT MCS01 OR ACCT CB101

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  CRN Day(s) of Week Time Date Campus Fee ($) Status
  31662 ------ 01Nov21 - 07Feb22 OL 401.20 Register

  31721 ------ 01Dec21 - 09Mar22 OL 401.20 Register

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