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ECE-Leadership in Action

  Exemplify leadership as it relates to all other pillars of the program in this capstone course. Incorporate leadership principles within a variety of early learning and care settings, including home-based operations, for productive day-to-day operations such as: curriculum evaluation and development, stakeholder collaboration, professional practice, advocacy and support of organizational change and new government initiatives. Online live delivery. Weekly classes held Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Prerequisite: COMM10286, EDUC10080, EDUC10081, FINC10027, HRES10023. 42 hours.

  Course Number: EDUC 10082

  PreRequisite: (EDUC 10080 AND COMM 10286 AND EDUC 10081 AND HRES 10023 AND FINC 10027)

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